Swedish traditions can be both old and new. Lucia and Midsummer are two of the most well-known, but we also have a special day for the "kanelbulle" - the cinnamon bun.
Here a just a few examples of what you can experience together with us.

The traditional Midsummer celebration by the lake in the village is a great experience for both young and old. We start the day by picking flowers for  the midsummer pole and by noon, the whole village is gathered by the lake. Local musicians play and the dance starts.

August is the month for crayfish parties . Friends gather to eat seafood -outdoors, if the weather allows, under colorful lanterns. Special songs are sung, maybe you have heard about "Helan Går"?

In October, the lobster fishing season starts on the westcoast, and the elk hunt starts in the forests around the village.

And, in the beginning of December,  when we feel like we live in complete darkness, we light our Advent candlesticks, enjoy Lucia parades and start preparing for Christmas.

Three cute Easter witches...
Three cute Easter witches...