Here are just a few examples of activities we can offer! If you have any special requests, just let us know!


Ice-skating on the lake, ice-fishing, skiing, quad driving, horseback riding, forest walks, Lucia celebration


Forest walks, boat tours, fishing tours, horseback riding, camping tours, Easter celebration


Fishing tours on the lake and on the coast, swimming, forest walks, riding tours, crayfish parties, camping tours, Midsummer celebration


Mushroom- and berry-picking in the forest, elk hunt, lobster fishing on the westcoast, riding tours

Swedish traditions

Easter, Walpurgis, Midsummer, crayfish parties, Lucia and Christmas… Let us introduce you to the traditional Swedish celebrations, together with Swedes, of course! We promise great live music, folk dancing and lots of laughter!

swedish way of life

Enhance your intercultural communication skills!
Learn how to interact with Swedes through an interactive tailormade lecture filled with knowledge and humour!

Old style baking

Have you ever baked bread in a bakehouse from the late 1800′s? If not, you are welcome to try it with us! We start heating the oven with firewood early in the morning to make it ready for you when you arrive. No electrical kitchen appliances in sight here – just pure muscle power!

swedish Handicraft

Feltmaking, vagabond handicraft using iron wire and embroidery techniques… Why not book a course during your stay with us?


Don't miss a visit to the beautiful Swedish westcoast. One of our favourite places is the little island Käringön. Enjoy the best seafood you can imagine, swim in crystal clean waters and try all sorts of watersports.